False Creek

This condo had been completely untouched since the 1990’s when it was first built. Our clients love the location as it’s near their boat, so they really just wanted to update their current space to make it feel lighter and brighter. We took care of the permitting package for them. One of the major changes was opening up their kitchen; changing it from an enclosed u-shape to be a bit more open. Th u-shape we kept along the rear wall is shallow, to provide some storage, but doesn’t take away from the cabinetry and working space in the remainder of the kitchen, anymore. The white and wood combination was used throughout the space to add warmth and vibrancy. The fireplace was left exactly as it was but we gave it a surface makeover to bring it into the 2020’s!

LocationFalse Creek, VancouverSQ FT1120Project TypeRenovation, Furniture + DécorPhotographerChristina FaminoffContractorCondoworks

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