S+L Kitchen & Bar South Surrey

This beloved restaurant in South Surrey had been there for many years, but the owners wanted a total aesthetics refresh. The previous space was all black and white tile, and felt quite cold and lacked flair. We decided to add carpet in the bar area and layered area rugs throughout the lounge space to make it feel a bit more like an inviting living room. This space has super high ceilings, which doesn’t always work if you want to create intimacy. By adding the large gold circular drops and lots of greenery, it brought the ceiling down in the bar area and added some interest, filling the space and making it feel cozier. The back part of the restaurant needed a refresh as it was rarely used by customers – we decided to add in a vibrant gallery wall, painted the walls a lighter colour and added some fun upholstery to make it more inviting.

LocationSouth Surrey, BCSQ FT3,850Project TypeRenovation, Furniture + DecorPhotographerJanis NicolayContractorBlack Sails Contracting

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