Russell Brewing Tasting Room

This was originally a completely empty shell just waiting for a tenant to come in and take it over! Our clients wanted a tropical, almost tiki-like vibe for their tasting room, equipped with a small kitchen to make tacos, a brewery service/bar area, seating for clients AND a retail area. The challenge from the get-go is that the space is quite small, so we had our work cut out for us! Adding a bench along the window allowed us to squeeze in 4 more tables that would have been difficult to fit otherwise, and we were able add simple pipe shelving to create the retail area near the front entry to greet customers as they enter. A trophy display wall around the corner was created to showcase all of the many awards that Russell Brew has earned, which can easily be seen by customers as they exit the washroom. Speaking of the washroom, we wanted to make it fun for customers – complete with bright tropical wallpaper and cute neon signage! Lastly, the use of the white slat wall near the counter bar allowed us to gain some privacy in the kitchen portion, but still allowed the area to feel open rather than fully enclosing the kitchen behind a wall.

LocationSurrey, BCSQ FT1,500Project TypeRenovation, Furniture + DecorPhotographerChristina FaminoffContractorBlack Sails Contracting

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