Townhall Langley

We were asked to give this pub in Langley a modern refresh to appeal to current regulars but also draw a younger crowd. It was originally very dark with lots of dark furniture and woods and a very low ceiling. Overall, the space felt small and expected. By adding greenery, a combination of white, black and wallpapered walls, white ceilings, we were able to brighten the space. We drew attention away from the ceiling and to the floor by adding a fun mosaic tile mixed with blocked oak vinyl floors. The bar location remained as original, but we added a canopy above the bar complete with a glow permitter cove light to add layers but not to drop the ceiling lower. The front of the bar was finished with a fluted wood texture. Personalized custom branded wallpaper leads to the bathrooms – which were refreshed using mosaic tiles, paint, pendant lights and mirrors. Our scope for this project ranged from initial concept to furniture selection.

LocationLangley, BCSQ FT4,200Project TypeRenovation, Furniture + DécorPhotographerJanis NicolayContractorBlack Sails Contracting

Privacy Preference Center